Spring Boot Intensive-Workshop, 6 half days, 9am - 1pm, remote

Details zum Kurs

Our trainers are first and foremost developers themselves. Therefore, they know exactly about the problems which will come up “in the real world”. With the help of a (somewhat simplified) real world example we will explore what SpringBoot has to offer.

SpringBoot is based on the concept of “Convention over Configuration”. By using conventions it is very easy to quickly develop stand-alone applications, which are production-ready immediately. No more code generation or XML files for configuration. Our interactive workshop is filled with lots of exercises, which will be used to practice the newly learned concepts while creating an application.

Together we will develop a REST-Api, which can be called by other applications (such as Angular). Of-course we will have security built in as well as a good test coverage. Our trainers have many years of experience and will also answer even more specific questions.

Our workshop dashboard contains all the training materials, exercises and solutions, which can be used during the workshop and even after the workshop is finished.


  • Overview
  • Basics and Concepts
  • Testing
  • Configuration
  • Usage of databases
  • Rest APIs
  • Security
  • Production-ready features
  • Ask-me-anything